About Organization


We, the team of Alyth Creations, provide the platform for you to connect with your true self and to get in touch with the innate appreciation for art that lies buried beneath burdensome day-to-day activities and crushing responsibilities.

Alyth Creations has come in touch with many talented artisans, all with a story to tell, and all with a talent to show. We dedicate ourselves to deliver their authentic handcrafted and machine made products from all parts of India, right from their places of creation.

The country of India is one of age-old myths, traditional folklore, great historical events and modern thinking. We bring the essence of India, young and old, to your doorstep. We hand you India on a canvas.

Our Products

We cater to all types of category including traditional art, handcrafted items and machine made items. For every category, we have huge variety of original products, each one of which has been created by our artisans through sheer hard work and vivid imagination.

Beautify your surroundings, ease your mind and please your soul with soft clay, gleaming metals and captivating colours. Lose yourself.

Why us

Our products are quality assured, authentic and unique. An amalgamation of art and quality, our eclectic collection of artwork is backed with reliable customer service and honest treatment with our suppliers.


Excellent service to customers and 100 % customer satisfaction is our prime focus. Our company understands the importance of quality and timely delivery of products in the international scenario. With stringent quality control guidelines, we endeavor to offer maximum value to our business partners and provide our customers with all the unique items.

Our Clients

Alyth Creations believes in ethical conduct of the business world and establishing a transparent business relationship with all clients. The international scene is familiar with mainstream Indian Art and we plan to expand our market to various niches that are tough to acquire.

Our Team

Our team is a committed squad of dedicated employees who work to execute all orders with excellence result in quality and shipping.