Shopping Guide

The shopping experience at Alyth Creations has been made enjoyable for all. By reading this page, you will able to understand how to make purchases on this website.

If you feel anything else that can make this experience more pleasurable, then please contact us. If you have shopped online before then shopping at will be very easy, as the site is designed so well that offers a unique & pleasurable shopping experience

Home page -

On the home page, locate the top menu and mouse over so that you can browse through categories to find the product you want. You will also be able to subscribe our newsletter if you need to know about the discounts or any new products updated in our website.

The home page of the website has been designed to present all exclusive and featured products. On the home page, you will see the list of "Top Selling" products at Alyth Creations. These are unique pieces and exclusively designed by the artisans. The next is the “Category Section” where you will find products of different categories. You can click on the one you wish to glance through.

Product Page -

Click on any item you want to have and you will be driven to the page on which product details are specified. Although we attempt to provide you as much detail as we can, but in case if you want more details about the product then you can contact us.

Have a look about the details we have provided about every single product you may wish to buy-

  • You can visualise the large image of the product by clicking on the image of the product.
  • Through the embedded ‘Zoom’ facility, you will be able to visualise the product closely once you mouse over the image
  • You can see the product description below the image under the tab ‘Description’ and also you can see or provide the reviews of the product under the tab ‘Reviews’.
  • If you feel the provided description is not enough to satisfy you buying the product, then contact us to know more about the product.
  • If you want to purchase any product later, then register on our site and add it to your wish list.
  • If the product is out of stock, then you can drop a mail to us. You are given a facility of ordering the products which are not available and we will try to get it for you if possible.
  • You will be informed about the shipping date through email.

  • Shopping Cart -

    This is the last page you come across before checkout, where you can make last minute changes to the order like -

  • You can change the quantity you ordered
  • You can update subtotals
  • You can apply available discount codes.
  • You can get shipping charges
  • hen proceed to the next step and that is ‘Checkout’.

  • Checkout -

    This is the only page that keeps you away from your ‘Alyth Creations’ product -

  • If you are already a customer, then you just require signing in your account and get going.
  • If you are a first time user, then you need to register and then checkout after signing in your account.

  • By registering you will get the following advantages -

  • You can check the status of your order online
  • You get email alerts every time there is any product of your interest is posted on our site.

  • Order Confirmation -

    We are dedicated to provide you the best shopping experience and we know how essential it is for you to track the status of order. The process placing an order at Alyth Creations is very easy.

    Once you go through the entire process and we receive your payment, soon your order will be dispatched & delivered to you

    Cancel or Modify Order–

    -   By the Customer

    If you want to modify or cancel an order then send us an email. Remember to include the product name, order number, your name, shipping & billing address & your contact number. Please note that we would be able to cancel the order only if the order has not been shipped.

    -   By Alyth Creations

    Alyth Creations has the right to cancel any order before the product has been shipped if the following conditions apply -

  • If the billing information is found incorrect.
  • If our credit card verification service declines the credit card, no order can be considered final till the transaction is verified.
  • Although we take all the measures to ensure the delivery of the product, but we may have to cancel the order or ship it later due to any unforeseen incident. If this happens, we will notify you through email.

  • Address Errors -

    Alyth Creations will not be responsible for the fee charged by the courier company in case of the following address errors -

  • If the customer enters an incorrect address and the delivered order is returned as undeliverable
  • If your address is changed and we are not notified about that, then the order is not delivered.
  • If incorrect contact number is entered.

  • International Shipments -

    The customer must assure that the product can legally be imported to the destination. At the time of ordering from, the recipient should confirm that the delivery process of order is complying with the laws & regulations of the destination country to which the order’s delivery is to be made. Taxes, custom duties and other charges would be applicable to the orders shipped to foreign countries.

    All the charges including custom duties, import taxes etc. would be borne by the recipient. Every country has its own custom policies so if you want further information about the customs policies, then you have to contact your local custom office.

    Returns & Refunds

    Internet has changed the world to a large extent as it has become possible to get products from distant lands apart from previous days when it was not possible.

    Although we attempt to present our products in the best way as we can, but we cannot provide you the experience of viewing the products as you do in the physical stores. Hence we offer a 7 days return policy under which you can return the product if your expectations do not meet. After the time expires, no returns will be accepted.

    In case you want to return the product then you will require following this –

  • Mention the details of your order and drop us an email at with the reason for return
  • Before returning the product, make sure that the product is not damaged. In case we get damaged products, then we will not refund the money.
  • All the expenses and charges will be paid by the customer.
  • Alyth Creations will refund you either by shipping another piece of that product or by providing gift voucher which you can use later for purchasing another product from us.
  • If the order delivered to you is damaged at the time of shipping, then we will refund you in form of gift vouchers or shipping you another piece of that product. You can contact us anytime if the product has been damaged while shipping.

  • If you receive a damaged item then please ensure the following things -

    If the damage is apparent at the time of delivery then please notify about the damage within 24 hours of delivery, along with all the details of the damaged item. Send us the images of the product with close-ups of the damaged portion. This way the processing of the claims will become easy.

    Our refund policy is not applicable to personalised or customised items.